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Top 5 podcasts for sales leaders

14 December 2020

By Ursula Colman

Top 5 podcasts for sales leaders
Top tips in a tick

When time is short and reading lengthy blogs and articles is out of the question, the podcast is your ally. As a sales manager, you’re busy – but not too busy to keep up, or the competition will pass you by.

Here at Zetter, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best. Easy to digest on the move and packed with the latest expertise and strategies, check these out for a quick refresh when time is tight.

Bang-up to date
B2B growth

Brought to you by experts James Carbary and Jonathan Green, source it on Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay or Spotify and every day you’ll find motivational new interviews with a leading B2B sales or marketing exec. From team management to negotiation tactics, there’s a strong human element, but you’ll also find more strategy-based content like development schemes, aligning sales with marketing, effective prospecting and effective time management.

Savvy advice
In the arena

Authoritative voice Anthony Iannarino offers his well-respected experience and technical know-how through talking to other authorities in the field. Sales managers, authors, experts as well as salespeople in B2B and B2C reveal how they’re taking profits to a new level: and how you can too. Pick it up on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

On a mission
The sales evangelist

Donald Kelly is an expert in software sales but he’s not keeping his genius to himself. Find engaging interviews with top sales and marketing professionals with this marketing trainer on his podcast available from Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Lift your standards to a new level and learn from a master with a knack for effective teaching.

Top Speed

Find something fast-paced and new five days a week. Pick up Accelerate! on Apple Podcasts and PodBead to tune into up-to-date strategies, advice and insights. From generating better leads, through to fast break-throughs and closing sales, this practical, focused podcast features interviews with experts across the sector. You’ll learn more about how to develop your sales skills, leadership qualities and development strategies to bring your business out on top.

Die (or sell) Laughing
Sell or Die

Laughter is the best medicine, or so they say, and in this case, it’s the best strategy. Join best-selling author along with sales expert Jenifer Gluckow for a spoonful of success, available on Stitcher and Apple Podcasts. A humorous take on habits, strategies and the secrets of sales leaders, don’t be fooled, what they’re saying will make a serious difference to your levels of motivation. With a focus on personal development and skills training, it’s the practical push you’ve been looking for.

In the car, in the coffee shop, in the shower – download and listen to our top five to pick up the tips and motivation you need.

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