5 reasons why you should move your technology sales career to Cambridge

01 May 2021

By Rosalie Lemesre

5 reasons why you should move your technology sales career to Cambridge

​Whether you’re passionate and knowledgeable about hardware, software, or technological services, the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor is going to offer you some of the best opportunities for your tech sales career. From disruptive companies changing perceptions and cutting-edge research that’s saving lives, this uniquely-placed corridor is populated with companies tackling some of the challenges that face humanity.

Why Cambridge?

Besides the world-class university, forward-thinking community, and the beautiful balance of cultural city and countryside living, there’s a whole range of career-driven reasons to relocate your technology sales work to Cambridge.

1. Cambridge has the fastest growing economy in the UK.

In recent years, tech businesses in Cambridge turned over £2.4bn, confirming the city’s position as one of the UK’s leading innovation and technology hubs. And, tech employees within the region contribute an impressive £152,000 of turnover, per person, to the national economy each year.

2. Cambridge’s “Silicon Fen” is a high-tech hotspot for electronics, software and biotechnology.

The high-tech region of “Silicon Fen” is home to over 1500 technology-based local companies and 25 science parks, it supports some of the UK’s most successful tech businesses, including Darktrace, Solexa, Raspberry Pi and SwiftKey, and it has grown to become a globally renowned technology centre in Europe. And, its close links with the University of Cambridge mean that fresh technological knowledge from the world-class uni continues to inspire the region, developing new opportunities for tech sales careers.

3. Cambridge has the second-highest UK tech salary.

While you find work in tech rewarding, and you’re passionate about working in an industry that innovates – you want to be well remunerated. On average, salaries in Cambridge are only 21% lower than the UK’s capital city. You could expect to earn around £41,594 per year in Cambridge, the second-highest in the country.

4. Nearly half of all Cambridge employees work in science and technology-related industries

Other than having a lot of people around you with similar interests, you might be wondering why this matters? Career security. 45% of Cambridge’s total workforce worked in science and technology jobs, and this means companies are constantly on the lookout for tech professionals to join the ever-expanding industry.

5. Cambridge was ranked as the second UK city for tech investment in recent years.

The technology industry needs investors. Whether it’s governments committing money towards national developments or venture capitalists sharing private funds, most tech companies rely on investment. Between 2015-18, companies around Cambridge received £583 million for tech investments, the second-highest in the country, meaning greater opportunities for companies to succeed, and you along with them.

1 London
2 Cambridge
3 Abingdon
4 Basingstoke
5 Solihull
6 Leamington Spa
7 Luton
8 Newcastle

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