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Retained search

How can a Retained Search benefit you?

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Here at Zetter we offer a retained search service to our clients. This differs in that our services are exclusively used to conduct a more thorough and methodical search. This can often deliver greater results as it ensures that the recruiter can dedicate more time to the candidate attraction. One of the main differentiating factors to this method of search, is that the recruiter is paid a proportion of the expected total fee as an upfront payment.

Here are some of the benefits of retained search:

  • Guaranteed level of commitment (both parties)

  • A more methodical, intense search process

  • Exclusive, first refusal to premium candidates

  • Agreed timescales

  • Flexible terms

  • Increased rebate / guarantee period

  • A single point of contact with accountability for delivering results

If you would like to explore a new retained search opportunity please get in touch or submit a vacancy brief.

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