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Zetter Recruitment is the go-to recruitment agency when looking for mid to senior level client focussedroles. As a Top 25% LinkedIn Recruitment Agency we successfully recruit for emerging and growing companies globally, with a particular focus on UK & Europe.

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Tech and software industries are developing, leading to an increased need for nurturing client relationships. Partner with Zetter Recruitment, leading tech and software recruiters, to unlock access to exciting job opportunities. We have a range of positions including Customer Success Manager jobs London, and with our expertise we are able elevate your Customer Success Manager CV.

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What does a Customer Success Manager do?

A Customer Success Manager is typically responsible for these key things:
Onboarding new clients, providing ongoing support & training, monitoring client satisfaction & engagement, managing client renewals & upselling opportunities and being the internal ‘voice of the customer’.

There are typically three main levels of client management & engagement, often split based on the size of the customer. Low value spending accounts (SMB), Mid-level spending accounts (Mid-Level), and large spending accounts (Enterprise).



  • Oversee a portfolio of lower-value customers, typically between 100-400

  • Focus on client ownership, retention and upselling

  • Help small-medium customers maximise the value of the product



  • Manage a portfolio of clients, usually up to 100

  • Ensure customer ownership, retention and drive up-selling opportunities

  • Identify accounts at risk of churn



  • Onboard and oversee high-value accounts, typically ranging from one – 20 clients

  • Maintain client ownership, focus on retention and drive upselling efforts

  • Manage relationships with multiple stakeholders​​

What is the difference between Customer Success Management and Client Success Management?

Depending on industry, there isn't much difference.They both sound similar and their goal is the same, to ensure clients are getting the most out of a product or service.

The terminology used may differ depending on the industry. However, the main objective remains consistent: building strong client relationships and enhancing client success.​

Salary for Customer Success Manager

The variables and key drivers of basic salary is linked to company size, revenue value and the complexity of the clients’ managed. In the UK, salaries for CSM’s vary widely between £38,000 and £95,000. For a Customer Success Manager salary London, it is notably higher than other locations in the UK.

Bonuses will differ, ranging from no bonus paid to bonuses equivalent to around 50% of the basic salary. Where a bonus is offered, it is typically linked to whether the role focuses on upselling or retention.


Most popular locations for Client Success Manager jobs in the UK & Ireland

1. London

2. Manchester

3. Reading

4. Dublin


Customer Success Manager Remote

As tech and software industries continue to expand, there is a rising demand for professionals who excel in client relationship management, even in remote settings. By registering with Zetter, you will gain access to a wealth of job opportunities and insights into competitive salary ranges for remote positions.

Looking to hire a Customer Success Manager?

The tech and software industry is growing fast and so is the demand for skilled Customer Success Managers. Zetter Recruitment, a leader in customer success recruitment, will help unlock your growth potential.

  • Network and Expertise: We have a pool of pre-vetted candidates and a growing database of over 25,000 sales and customer success professionals. We understand the competitive landscape for Customer Success talent and can find qualified individuals aligned with your company's needs

  • Targeted Sourcing: We can target our search based on specific requirements like industry experience and desired Customer Success Manager skills (communication, proactiveness etc)

  • Streamlined Hiring Process: We manage the entire recruitment process, from offering job descriptions, initial candidate screening, interview scheduling and offer negotiation

  • Compensation Benchmarking: We offer insights into current CSM salary ranges, ensuring you offer competitive compensation packages to attract top talent

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Cambridge: Tech & Software Scene

Cambridge is home to Europe's largest and most successful technology cluster, with around 5,000 science and tech companies generating an annual revenue of over £15.5 billion. This concentration of talent and innovation makes Cambridge a hub for entrepreneurship and technological advancement.

Cambridge are leaders in:

  • Semiconductors: Underpinning modern electronics, Cambridge is a global leader in semiconductor design and development.

  • Life Sciences & Biotech: Tech and biology converge here, revolutionising healthcare.

  • Quantum Computing: Pioneering research positions Cambridge at the forefront of this potentially transformative technology.

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Zetter Recruitment is a leading Sales recruitment agency that connects talented individuals with exciting opportunities in Cambridge’s booming tech scene. They are committed to helping job seekers find their perfect role in the tech and sales sectors - helping to further solidify Cambridge's reputation as a tech hub. So, if you're looking to make your mark in the tech world, Cambridge is the place to start. It's not just a tech city, it's a city that is shaping the future of technology. Businesses in Cambridge and the surrounding areas are recruiting for exciting sales, account management, business development and customer success roles.

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